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Public Sector Perspective

New Tools and Resources
Based on feedback from public sector schools, we've added new features.

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FiveStar Training From FedLoan Servicing FiveStar Training From FedLoan Servicing
At FedLoan Servicing, we aim to provide our schools with the highest quality training; therefore, we developed a new program to help meet your needs - FiveStar Training.

FiveStar Training includes multiple different training options and topics which allow you to choose the subject matter and level of information you need.
National Student Loan Data System Delinquency Report Tutorial National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) Delinquency Report Tutorial (SWF)
Still not getting all of your delinquency data from one source? Check out our instructional video to see how you can use the NSLDS Delinquency Report to produce one letter per month to delinquent borrowers who have loans serviced by a federal servicer.

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Before You Owe Worksheet Before You Owe Worksheet
Encourages students to record their loan balance and servicer information before they take on additional debt. Should be provided to returning or transfer students.
Before You Go Worksheet Before You Go Worksheet
Provides students with a convenient location to record the information they learn when reviewing their loan portfolio at Exit Counseling.
Financial Wellness Curriculum Financial Wellness Curriculum
The Financial Wellness Curriculum is the perfect complement to your current orientation program or exit counseling. Use these presentations to teach your students the basics about money management and arm them with tips and information to help them make smart, educated financial decisions. Each topic includes a presenter's guide.
FedLoan Servicing Quick Sheet FedLoan Servicing Quick Sheet (PDF)
The FedLoan Servicing Quick Sheet gives student borrowers a quick guide to successful repayment tips and other valuable borrower resources from FedLoan Servicing. This resource should be provided to any student that has FedLoan Servicing assigned as their loan servicer.

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FedLoan Servicing School Sector Representatives are attending the following conferences:

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Key Features of For Public Schools

As we continue working harder to meet your needs, I hope that you will keep sharing your feedback with us. Take our school survey and tell us what else we can do!

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