Loan Holder Consolidation

Revised Electronic Loan Verification Certificate for Use Beginning January 1, 2021

On January 1, 2021, federal loan servicers processing Direct Consolidation Loans will begin using a revised electronic loan verification certificate (eLVC) file transaction layout. The eLVC layout was revised to include a new data element that was added to the eLVC, as shown in date element (19) of the paper LVC form.

The following new data element was added to the eLVC:

  • Is any loan listed above a joint consolidation loan? Yes or No. If you answer “Yes”, you must enter Loan Type Code W (Education loans ineligible for consolidation) in Column 7 for any joint consolidation because it was made jointly to married borrowers.

Servicers/NFPs must follow the directions contained within the data element, as shown below and complete the eLVC as follows:

  1. Answer the question about joint consolidation loans.
  2. If you answer “Yes”, enter Loan Type Code “W” in the Loan Typed field (Column 7 on the LVC) for any joint consolidation loan.
  3. Then explain in the comments field ((20) on the LVC), that the loan is ineligible for consolidation because it was made jointly to married borrowers.

Additional Information

Federal consolidation servicers will use and accept the old eLVC through December 31, 2020. Loan holders should be prepared to receive and return the revised eLVC beginning January 1, 2021.

The revised eLVC and the paper LVC can be accessed at the following URL:

If you have questions about the revised eLVC, contact FedLoan Servicing at: