Pay Online

Benefits of Paying Online

How to Get Started

To make a one-time electronic payment to your account:

Step Number Procedure
Step 1: Sign in to Account Access.
Step 2: Click "Make a Payment."
Step 3: Enter payment information—you can save your bank account for future use.
Step 4: Hit the "Make a Payment" button and relax for another month.

Keep in Mind

This is a one-time payment. To set up automatic monthly payments, get Direct Debit.

Payment Timeline

You can select any business day (Monday - Friday) for an online payment. Payments typically post to your account within 2 business days of the effective date you select. We may credit your payment to your account a few days before you can see it online in Account Access.

Due dates that fall on a weekend: Select a payment date at least 1 business day before your due date.

Paying extra: You have the option to target extra payments online, or request in writing that we reapply extra payments to specific loans. Paying extra may place your loans into paid ahead status.

Payment Processing

Does your due date fall on a weekend or holiday? Find out when we process these payments.