Direct Debit

Direct Debit sets up an electronic deduction from your checking or savings account on your due date each month. Since your loan payment happens automatically, it’s applied effective on your due date, even if your due date falls on a weekend or holiday.

Benefits of Direct Debit

How to Apply

Step # Procedure
Step 1 Sign in to Account Access.
Step 2 Establish a PIN if you don't already have one OR be sure that you have access to a printer.
Step 3 Input your bank account information. Include any extra amount above the minimum amount due that you wish to pay toward your student loans each month.
Step 4 Electronically sign your application with your PIN OR print, sign/date, and return your application to us for processing.

Important: Continue making payments until you get confirmation that Direct Debit will extract your next payment. You'll need to use another payment method until we're ready to start working directly with your bank to set up your monthly payment extracts. We'll do this as quickly as possible for you, but it may take up to 1 or 2 monthly billing cycles for Direct Debit to begin.

Payment Timeline

A Direct Debit payment credits to your account on the day the payment is due, even if your due date is a weekend or holiday. It generally posts to your account within 2 business days of the due date. We may credit your payment to your account 1 or more days before you can see it online in Account Access.

Paying extra: You have the option to target extra payments online, or request in writing that we reapply extra payments to specific loans. Paying extra may place your loans into paid ahead status.

Direct Debit Not For You?

Payment Processing

Does your due date fall on a weekend or holiday? Find out when we process these payments.