At FedLoan Servicing, we aim to provide our schools with the highest quality training; therefore, we developed a new program to help meet your needs—FiveStar Training.

FiveStar Training consists of multiple different training options that allows you to pick the level of information you need.

Training Topics

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Want to learn more about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program? As the sole servicer for the PSLF Program, we will review the eligibility requirements, borrower experience, and resources for our school partners.

TEACH Grant Servicing

We are honored the U.S. Department of Education chose FedLoan Servicing to monitor and track each TEACH Grant recipient's progress toward fulfilling their service obligation. As the sole servicer for TEACH Grant recipients, we will review the eligibility requirements, borrower experience, and resources for our school partners.

Entrance and Exit Counseling

Looking for innovative tips and strategies to improve your school's Entrance and Exit Counseling programs? These materials provide an overview of how to increase the success of your counseling strategies to help guide borrowers to successful repayment.

Cohort Default Rate

The Cohort Default Rate or CDR continues to be one of the hottest topics in the financial aid industry. Are you looking for ways to combat a high CDR or information on understanding the inner workings of the CDR? These materials provide informative information on how to manage and understand your institution's CDR.

Developing a Financial Literacy & Default Prevention Program

Interested in creating, re-inventing, or enhancing your school's financial literacy and delinquency management program? These materials address campus involvement, creative solutions, and measuring success.

Repayment Plans

Do the many repayment plans intimidate or confuse your students? Check out our training resources below on the various repayment plans available. Here you'll learn more about the eligibility requirements and which repayment plan may be best for your student borrower.


Direct Loan Consolidation can simplify loan repayment by centralizing loans to one bill and can lower monthly payments by extending the repayment period. In addition, borrowers may also have access to alternative repayment plans they would not have had before. Use these resources to review the pro and cons of Direct Loan Consolidation.