Understanding Your Monthly Bill

About Your Monthly Bill

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Sample FedLoan Servicing Billing Statement

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  • Account Number

    The 10-digit number assigned to you.

    Use this number when making any type of payment or when contacting our office via telephone communication or written correspondence.

  • Total Due by XX/XX/XXXX

    Make sure we receive your payment by 5:00 PM on this date so it can be posted to your account on time.

    Also, avoid making payments on weekends and holidays because they may not be posted on the date we receive your payment.

  • Date Disbursed

    The date the government released the loan funds.

    We use this date to organize your loans.

  • Loan Program

    This is your loan type.

    It is useful if you ever decide to apply for another payment plan because different plans have different loan program requirements.

  • Monthly Payment

    Shows the breakdown of your monthly payment for each loan.

    The total of this column makes up your monthly payment amount.

  • Past Due

    Total amount unpaid since your last bill.

  • Current Due

    Total amount due for this billing cycle.

    Paying ahead, or paying more than your monthly installment, can help you pay off your loans faster. To learn more about how to get started budgeting, visit our Budget Central page.

  • Total paid since your last statement

    The total amount of your last payment.

    The value is the sum of the interest, principal, and fees.

  • As of today, you've paid on your loans

    The total amount paid to date on your loans, including amount paid toward interest, principal, and fees.