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COVID-19 Student Loan Relief

  • Student Loan Repayment to Restart After May 1, 2022
    Visit StudentAid.gov/coronavirus for updates and information on how to prepare for payments to resume. Or learn more about the 0% interest rate and temporary suspension of payments for student borrowers.
  • Direct Debit Confirmation Required
    Act now if you’re enrolled in Direct Debit to ensure your payments resume after the COVID-19 payment suspension ends. Failure to act may result in the loss of benefits associated with Direct Debit. Learn more.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: On October 6, 2021, the Department of Education announced a change to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program rules that, for a limited time, may allow you to get credit for payments you’ve made on loans that wouldn’t normally qualify for PSLF. This waiver period is temporary and will end on October 31, 2022. To gain more information on this limited waiver period, including any actions you may need to take to gain access to these benefits, visit StudentAid.gov/pslfwaiver.

Image of Two College Students on Campus
In School
Most borrowers don't need to make payments on their loans while in school; but, we still give you the tools to stay informed on loan balance, interest accrual, and more.
Image of a Family at Graduation
In Grace
Now that you're done with school, review the available resources to help you get ready for when you have to start paying back your student loans.
Image of a Mother and her Child
In Repayment
Now that you're paying back your student loans, use this resource center to find information on the various topics you'll need during repayment.
Lifecycle of a Loan
Where do you stand?
Understanding the Life Cycle of a loan will help you in the long run when making decisions about your student loans.